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Envision Your Future In Fauquier County

As a lifelong resident of Fauquier County and a father himself, attorney Mark Hyson knows that northern Virginia is a beautiful place to raise a family. With its scenic landscapes, nurturing communities and thriving businesses, it is a rich environment in which to start a new chapter of your career, to watch your children grow, or to enjoy your retirement and golden years.

As you picture your future in Fauquier County, do so alongside an experienced Virginia estate planning attorney. The Law Office of Mark F. Hyson, PLC, works directly with his clients to build comprehensive estate plans that align with their needs and goals. Whether you have significant and complex assets, own your own business, or are simply looking to preserve the value of your home or earnings for your children, Mark can help you understand the estate planning tools at your disposal and guide you to an appropriate selection.

Personalized Guidance For Your Estate Plan

Mark Hyson assists Virginians with setting up a broad array of estate planning tools. Whether you are in robust health or approaching the end of your life, proactively establishing these estate planning documents can ensure your health and wealth are cared for in accordance with your wishes, even if you become unable to articulate these wishes yourself.

The Law Office of Mark F. Hyson, PLC, helps Fauquier County families with creating:

Mark understands that many families have unique concerns about how their children may spend the money they inherit, and that they naturally want to prevent their legacy from enabling their children’s misguided or destructive behaviors. Mark has extensive experience creating revocable trusts, which can be particularly useful for those who wish to ensure their wealth empowers their beneficiaries within certain limits.

Plan For Tomorrow, Today

As you visualize your financial future in Fauquier County, speak with a tested Virginia estate planning lawyer today. To arrange a consultation with The Law Office of Mark F. Hyson, PLC, in Warrenton, call 540-347-3208, or complete Mark’s online form.